“I think that the work I am doing with you is very exciting. My previous PT was seeing the same issues that you are seeing in me and was trying to treat them with massage and manipulation. While that felt good in the moment, it never permanently relieved my pain. With you, I feel like we are getting to the root of the problem! It is empowering to know that I can relieve my pain myself through simple techniques rather than relying on a professional to adjust and realign me.” – KP

“My focus was always on the tension in my neck and shoulders, making me feel so out of whack. I couldn’t fall asleep and started losing focus throughout the day.
I sleep great now, I feel stronger and I feel like I’m improving and moving forward. I’ve been going to Jim for over a year. What is really important to me and what really made a difference to me remains that Jim made my case feel very individualized. He understood where I was at. I didn’t feel like I was thrown into a basic treatment plan that everyone receives. I feel like he found out what works for me and got to know me as a person. Jim has really helped me improve my quality of life as a person.” – JH

“I am a very active individual who loves outdoor activities and has a 6-year-old son who keeps me moving always. So when my back went out on me one day and I could barely get from the shower to my bed, I was a bit scared. Fortunately, I was able to call on Jim for help. Jim was very kind and respectful as well as empathetic when treating me. After just a one hour session I was able to get out of bed and begin moving around. Jim taught me a lot during our session and was able to provide me with exercises that could help me get moving again. What I loved so much about this was that Jim wasn’t willing to just put a band-aid (such as pain meds or adjustments) on the situation but actually address the underlying cause providing me with the opportunity to fully heal. I continue to use the exercises Jim provided me with regularly which help me to continue to do things like spending hours working at my desk, sitting on long car rides, doing any lifting, or continuing to do the activities I love. After just one week, I was pain-free again and feeling back to my old self. No pain meds required. Now that I understand why my back nearly fell apart on me, I have the tools and information needed to help avoid further injury. But, if I do get hurt again, I am lucky enough to have Jim there to get me through and that makes it all a lot less terrifying. If you have any pain or concerns with your mobility or proper functioning, I highly recommend Jim as your best opportunity to heal. ” – MR

“I started coming to see Jim about four or five years ago after neck surgery after a burst disk. Jim has helped me gain mobility and strength. I’ve also seen a lot of pain relief. He’s not only worked on my neck issues he’s also worked on other postural issues to help relieve pain I wasn’t even aware of in the hips, knees, and shoulders
The reason I come to FIT is that Jim has given me a very customized treatment and approach to the specific problems I’ve been having.” – RW

“After seeing 5 providers I found no relief of the chronic pain I was suffering with. Just when I was about to give up on hope Jim Wittekind helped me! He encouraged me to adjust my diet which decreased my pain by 50%. With interdisciplinary integration, I got 25% better with new prism eyeglasses. I improved even more with the stress resiliency techniques he showed me, like the sternal stretch. All the while he provided exercises to support this overall change. I still have flare-ups in pain but he can stop them immediately and has guided me to a place where I am empowered with techniques to stop my pain. Thank you!” – KW


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